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PAYBACK - your next career point

Our company is built around a close-knit team of professionals – passionate about marketing, new technologies, IT, and consulting. Every single day we focus on direct partner relations and nurturing a comfortable and diverse work environment that will support your development.


Our values

Cooperation We work in open, cross-functional teams. What we work on, is as…
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PAYBACK- departments

Learn about our departments and see which one fits your skills and interests best!
Check current job offers in Partner Success: Check
Partner Success
  • This is the point where versatility is important - within one department our specialists perform tasks covering many areas: from sales, and negotiations, to planning and implementing marketing communication.
  • Openness is also needed - this team is responsible for cooperation with partners on a daily basis and for recommend solutions that will develop patrners’ businesses.
Ideal candidate:
  • Likes dynamic and engaging tasks - work here will never be boring, monotonous, or repetitive.
  • Has highly developed analytical skills combined with the ability to draw conclusions and recommend solutions for the partner.
Check current job offers in IT & Product Development: Check
IT & Product Development
  • Is a technological alpha and omega - is responsible for technological integration with leading market players.
  • Designs and develops advanced systems and applications, takes care of information security, provides technical support to the PAYBACK team.
Ideal candidate:
  • Is a coding devotee and a fan of modern technologies along with a passion for business.
  • Knows how to work in an international environment. Find out more
Check current job offers in Digital Business: Check
Digital Business
  • Supports and cooperates with online partners and affiliate networks.
  • Manages the most enjoyable part of the PAYBACK Program - the rewards.
Ideal candidate:
  • Feels at home in the online world.
  • Knows and follows consumer trends, especially in the digital world.
Check current job offers in Marketing: Check
  • Ensures that the PAYBACK Program brand becomes close to the Polish consumers and becomes part of their everyday shopping experience.
  • Creates marketing communication together with partners, in cooperation with advertising agencies, media houses and market research institute.
Ideal candidate:
  • Is creative, curious, outgoing and knows how to create engaging content.
  • Knows and follows the latest trends in marketing.
Check current job offers in Analytics: Check
  • Processes data, prepares advanced reports and statistics to help partners come to know their customers better and understand their behavior.
  • Combines data with partners' business experience and supports the preparation of promotional campaigns and personalized communications to Program users.
Ideal candidate:
  • Agilely navigates the data matrix.
  • Passionate about Big Data and modern analytical methods.
Check current job offers in Growth: Check
  • Implements projects aimed at developing the PAYBACK Program.
  • Actively searches for business development opportunities and independently initiates contacts with future partners.
Ideal candidate:
  • Has highly developed presentation and negotiation skills.
  • Is excellent at building long-term relationships by understanding and addressing the needs of business partners.
Check current job offers in Operations: Check
  • Looks after the processes that all the Program’s activities deeply depend on.
  • Perceives PAYBACK from a technical and logistical point of view and ensures that everything constantly runs smoothly.
Ideal candidate:
  • Is meticulous and has everything under control.
  • Has great organizational skills and enjoys planning.
Check current job offers in Controlling: Check
  • Consolidates financial side of our organization.
  • Provides insightful analysis, forecasts, and recommendations to support business initiatives and projects.
Ideal candidate:
  • Has a good understanding of the business processes specifics and is keen to take on challenging tasks independently.
  • Wants to use and develop analytical thinking skills, as well as negotiation and business competencies.
Check current job offers in Finance: Check
  • Supervises accounting and tax issues.
  • • Offers opportunity to use in practice knowledge acquired during the course of study and improve previously acquired business skills.
Ideal candidate:
  • Understands the nature of business processes and has the ability to take on challenging tasks independently.
  • Distinguished by being meticulous.
Check current job offers in Administration: Check
  • Looks after the comfortable working environment for the whole PAYBACK community.
  • Supports employees in their daily work by organizing business trips, coordinating the circulation of correspondence, servicing the reception desk and business meetings.
Ideal candidate:
  • Is well organized, dynamic, and entrepreneurial.
  • Appreciates contact with people.
Check current job offers in HR: Check
  • Finds and welcomes on board exceptional, passionate people and then supports them at every stage of employment.
  • Manages employee processes, is responsible for internal communications and supports employees in building career paths.
Ideal candidate:
  • Is able to build relationships based on trust and cooperation.
  • Is outgoing and loves working with people.

People - our greatest asset

PAYBACK's success wouldn't be possible without the commitment and passion of our team. So we are keen to reward our employees accordingly. See more