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We are a motivated team of around 30 people, 20 nationalities and 50 personalities, who build the Android and iOS PAYBACK Apps for many countries and millions of users. We love working with mobile technologies, modern development languages, new development paradigms, agile testing and mobile design. Our extended team consists of UX, Dev, QA, DevOps and PO roles. We all sit, work, laugh and cry together – sometimes we are emotional, sometimes we are relaxed, but we are always engaged!

Your responsibilities:

  • Be a key driver in your team for technical change, feature development and team processes.
  • Improve code structure and architecture to better testability and maintainability.
  • Write, co-write, and review design documentation.
  • Work with your, and adjacent, teams to prioritize and solve problems.
  • Raise the level of your colleagues through working directly with them, pairing, giving feedback on code reviews, and sharing your knowledge/experience in other ways
  • Regularly write tests for your code. You know which things to test and on which level (unit tests, Espresso tests, manual testing)

Your profile:

  • You have strong knowledge of Android, Kotlin, and what it takes to build scalable app
  • You are strong in mobile design patterns and are constantly learning new and better ways of implementation
  • You can innovate and iteratively improve a code base and know when each skill is need
  • You can explain complex technical concepts to non-technical people so that they understand not only what is being done, but why. You use this skill to help non-technical people understand investment in technical improvements.
  • You are skilled at working with adjacent teams (e.g., web, platform, backend, product, and business) and know how to design the right solutions based on a balance of software best practices and business value.
  • You have a passion for delivering great products. Converting ideas into code is just part of the journey.
  • You are highly proficient in most of the technical areas and methodologies in team
  • - Kotlin
  • - Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM)
  • - Dependency Injection
  • - Modularization
  • - Architectural Components
  • - Encryption
  • -Reactive Programming (e.g. RxJava, coroutine
  • - Data Binding
  • - Compose
  • - MVVM and CLEAN
  • - Material Design
  • - DesignSystem (e.g. Figma)
  • - Automated and Manual Testing
  • - Git, Pull-Requests, Jenkins

How about?

Sounds interesting? Apply now!