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Mystery Coffee!

Time for a coffee break! β˜• At PAYBACK is coming time for a Mystery Coffee!

The number of PAYBACK employees is growing significantly month by month, and the hybrid model of our work has reduced the number of spontaneous meetings in the corridors of our office or informal conversations.

Being aware of this, and knowing how at PAYBACK we value a good, friendly atmosphere and good relationships, we introduced “Mystery Coffee.” This is our internal system that once a month, randomly chooses employees and invites them in for the proverbial coffee. β˜•

These seemingly mysterious meetings help not only to get to know each other better or keep in touch with co-workers, but also facilitate the integration of new employees and provide an opportunity to share knowledge with each other. The fun and relationship-building aspect is no less important here, because who knows if there isn’t a person sitting behind the wall in the office with whom we will share passions together πŸ˜‰. These kinds of meetings can be the beginning of a unique shared adventure!

The first draw is over, we are glad that everyone welcomed Mystery Coffee so enthusiastically and had a great time during the meetings. πŸ˜ƒ

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