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"Happy food, means man is what he eats"

“Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.” - these words of Socrates are so obvious, but so often we forget about them. That is why, we dedicate more attention to what and how we eat during this edition of PAYBACK Lifestyle program,

The subject of the meeting was “Happy food, means man is what he eats”. It was led by our Marketing Director Katarzyna Grzywaczewska and our guest, full of energy, Anna Zbyszewska-Hryniewicz.


???? During the meeting, we raised topics related to a healthy lifestyle, eating habits and cooking, which, even for people who avoid cooking like fire, can be a pretty cool thing.

???? It was very tasty, and Ania inspired us to introduce some simple tricks to our diet. Thanks to her even a regular sandwich eaten in the office can be a delicious and healthy snack which gives you energy for the whole day.

PAYBACK Lifestyle is a periodical, annual well-being program. As part of it, we organize trainings, medical examinations, inspiring meetings, sports challenges, and a regular supply of healthy snacks ????


Thank you for such a delicious inspiration to eat healthy, very nutritive and, above all, colorful meals!

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